Your body is a Temple, connected to The Universe. Wherever you are,The Universe is.As The Universe is Unlimited, healing is not limited by time or space.


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          Dr.Suni Rose and Siona practice holistic healing arts such as Energy Healing, Seichim, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, and Nutritional Counseling through the Universal Temple of Healing.

            We believe the Divine Presence is the TRUE and only Healer.  We are just facilitators, as the Universal Healing energies flow through us and do not come from us.

            In the effort to inspire faith as well as show the remarkable effects of Energy Healing, some of our testimonials are presented.  If you have received treatments or advice from us and would like to submit a testimonial, please send an e-mail to: 

            Since we believe in the philosophy of 'each one reach one,' we appreciate your testimonials as they allow others to benefit from your inspiration and progress.

            Except for leaving out names and some locations, these testimonials are printed verbatim from correspondence we have received.

NOTE:   We are working to update this section. We appreciate your patience.


On 7/31, I felt very calm and serene and relaxed.  As I went about my business my shoulders kept dropping as though an enormous amount of weight and tension that it had been carrying was no longer there.  It felt strange but in a good way.

On 8/1, I suffered emotional turmoil.  I was very distraught but it cleared toward the latter part of the day.

On 8/2, I was extremely tired or maybe better stated, I felt rest driven and craved a lot of water.  I had to take a deep 3 hour nap in the middle
of the day.

On this day, I spoke with a trusted friend and advised that I felt I needed to clear my crown chakra. That it needed special attention in this chakra because I transformed from traditional christianity, and its hurts, in 2006.  Because christianity and catholism have been strong in my genetic ancestrary, and I have actively and deeply pursued it in the first part of my life, I still had thought forms trapped, captured or imbued in my crown that although very suttle, would keep showing up to cause me inner conflict, to second doubt myself, and to retract or hold back the fullness of my being and impacting other lives.  That I needed to clear those old spiritual beliefs out of the crown so that I could be empowered and empower others by the new and be an active participant in the shift of consciousness occuring over the planet at this time.

On 8/3 at precisely 3:00 a.m. (3 is my power number), I felt a window opening in the wall over my bed above my head.  I immediately stated to myself that it was over.  They were taking me out of this world.   I stood still as the a beam of light emerged very steadily from this window lighting up my bedroom very brightly.  It submerged very heavily over my crown area and through the top of the shoulder area. It was drawing out energy and infilling energy into the crown.  Then it withdrew back in through the window taking its powerful light rays with it and then the window disappeared and the room was dark again.  I suddenly awoke in utter amazment by what had just happened.

You had summoned the universal healing energy that my soul experience required, and your facilitation has been leading to a very deep internal healing.  In fact, I went to the gym today and couldn’t believe it.  A pain I’ve had in my left shoulder for many years which causes me to take certain exercises very lightly or slowly was no longer there.

I also should mention for validation purposes that I have felt all week an electrical pulse going up and down my body when I lay still in my bed.  I have felt a need to take a brief time out here and there all week to just lay in my bed and I have this clear and apparent phenomena.

I underestimated your gift.  I knew you could help me when I contacted you, I felt it, but I wasn’t aware the magnitude of the help.  Thank you.

A. C., Florida, U.S.A.



Thank you for your healing. There is much improvement in Jasmine's health. Love and light, K.


Dear Master, It's been few days since the Energy Healing and I can say that I'm feeling better. I feel more peaceful and I sleep better. Thank you very much. D.N.


Dear ___,

Thank you very much for sending healing to J___. I have just been informed that he is out of the hospital and doing fine now. He had bacteria in the bowel caused by the seafood he ate out. It is all cleared up now ;) Thank you very much for your kind precious help!

Abundant blessings and a great weekend to you and yours, D___.


RE: Teaching Course

I would recommend this course to others and my life has changed for the better after taking this course. kalif akbar sankofa



Thank you for your healing energy. My mother feels good. The results of her blood anaysis was good. Your healing
treatment is wonderful, magical like a miracle. I and my mother apprecaite to you.

What you want you have.


B.C., Turkey


Dear Siona,

Thank you very much for all the healing. I logged in only today and hence the response now.

God bless you and your dear ones

Love, light and bliss



Hi Siona,
Thank  you so much for your healing energy.  He had a shunt procedure done on his heart and is now getting enough oxygen to be a pink baby again. His virus has almost cleared up and now they are waiting 2 months until he is old enough for heart surgery. He has trouble getting enough oxygen due to the imperfection in his heart. They pray that the procedure will be enough to let him get by the next 2 months.

He will need your healing energy anytime you can send it until the surgery. He is a fighter and with your help will come through this hard beginning to his life. I am attaching a photo of him.
Thanks again,


Thanks so very much for your email, Siona. Keep up the good work. You really bring healing to
all those concerned.





Since receiving your healing I am beginning to notice subtle changes. For the first time in a long time,I am feeling a little more optimistic, positive, and reassured about my future. I now see a spark where the flame used to be. I feel more confident about my future, knowing I have not only the love and support that has come through this healing experience, but to know it will continue, throughout my healing proccess. PS. I am aiming to towards the flame, that made me who I am!!!! Thank you to everyone involved. Kind Regards, G. Ryder


Hi, After nearly a day I began to experience much relief, a state of well being and some relief from pain. While the relief lasted it was a great blessing. Thank you. T. Houston

Feb 19, 2007



 I did the healing hour all week since you suggested it.  During this week I received an early Mother's Day Card from Dan -the first for 3 years.  I was moved to tears . He wrote how 'lucky' he was to have me as a mother -  I could see his huge effort to give. He wrote in a very sincere warm and openly loving way -truly a gift to see this healing happen in him, and to see again the beautiful gentle spirit I know lies within coming out to play in the world even if very slowly fills me with joy.  


So many BIG thank you’s to you for your powerful spirit filled work.

So many need it.  I'm blessed our paths crossed and may you receive every possible blessing in your life and work,


With  love and eternal gratitiude that you helped us on now at this dfficult time on our journey

 Colette (Dan's Mum),



Feb 1, 2007


Dear...  From the last tests, Ann's tumors - one in each lung - had shrunk.  She has started her second round of chemo this week- six treatments in all at half dilution.  Thanks for your help.


Reiki Blessings,

M. K.




Dec 18, 2006


My dear friend,  Thank you so much for your help in this matter!  Today I feel a bit better than I have.  I also know that I have not experienced the worst of chemo because of Reiki and wonderful souls such as yourself.

I can't express my thanks often enough to show how much I appreciate your efforts on my behalf.
Abundant Blessings,
S. McKinzey,

Jacksonville, FL.

"All the knowledge I possess everyone else can acquire but my heart is all my own."   van Goethe  (1749 - 1832)



Healing for: L. & family
Gender: Female
Location: Chennai, India
Sent by Gita Jagannathan, Dec 12, 2006

Rev.Suni Rose,
Thank you for the healing. L. and her children are better able to cope
with M.''s behaviour. He has stopped the violent self harming but has
turneds to alcohol and is still harping on wanting the family to live
together with his father. He is unable to accept that his father is too
abusive and anit social for the others to cope with. Gita


Healing for: Dorin Fetea
Gender: Male
Location: Stei, Romania
Sent by Roxanna, Aug 26, 2006

Dear Rev. Suni Rose,

Thank you very much for your email and thank you for sending my father, Dorin, healing energy.
i can tell you that he's healed now, there's just a little scar there, above his left eye where his injury was.
when i received your email i was away from home, from my parents and i didn't tell him how to visualize the energy because he was pretty angry about his injury and i didn't believe he would do that if i wasn't there to convince him.
just a few minutes ago i asked for Reiki again because of my back's 4:30 am here and it really hurts me alot.i still have a few yumeiho therapy(a japanese technique) sessions for my back problem(a vertebra in the lower part of my back is not in its right position because i fell on the stairs o few years ago) and i had to interrupt them because my therapist left to Italy and now i will have a new, pains started again.
i'm sorry if bored you, i'm just scared because of these pains

i wish you all the best



June 5, 2006



Thank you for the healing you're sending to Helen is very much appreciated. She is feeling much better. Due to her age, she is having health problems especially weakness and nerve problems which is affecting her activities of daily living but the most important thing is that the healing is keeping her very uplifted and easing her pain therefore keeping her comfortable. The sweet lady felt so special when I told her about the group healing DHN healers are sending her everyday for a whole week so everyday she is keeping herself very open to the healing sent her way. She really appreciates the healing sent her way and feels very blessed by it. Thank you always for this great work you doing for the universe at large. May God Bless you always.


Love and Light,

V. K.



March, 2006


Hi Dear...


Here is a good news.


We went to my mother's doctor today and she was amazed by the results of her CT scan and blood work. It seems that the cancer is backing off. She does not want to put my mother under chemotherpay as she had it scheduled before. She thinks something is happening and its all good.


The healings are working.


Thank God and thank you loveable people for your support and healings.


Please keep sending her the healings. She needs every bit of our support.


Thank you,

H. A.



Feb 22, 2006


This is to let you now that I am improving everyday .
The various symptoms have virtually disappeared .
I feel vastly improved .I thank you for the healing
With luv and regards



May 15, 2005 ,


I just want to thank you for the healing you have been sending to my friend Dejana. She is feeling much better and most of her pain and other health problems disappeared almost completely. She is very happy and grateful for your powerful healings. She only has some minor new problems (very sore throat and persistent strong cough, as well as Very increased appetite which she doesn't like), so I will renew request for her at DHN again.

Thanks very very very much for your help and kindness.

Blessings to you,
Love and Light,


May 30, 2007


thank you so much... I apologise for not responding to your email for so long, but my dial up wouildn't work, and i ended up waiting for nearly 3 weeks for broadband to arrive, and today is the first day i have checked my again, i thank you for helping don.

he's been on holidays for nearly 4 weeks, back for 2 weeks, so he would have been away at the time of your help.

his father died also during this time, so your help would have been a real boost to him.

i do detect that he is a lot  more focused and calm, so looks like he's benefited.

thank you so much again,



Thanks for all your kindness!
I hope you forgive me for my bad English. I’ve haven’t spoke English since my schooltime for at least 30 years ago, but I shall do my very best. I hope you will understand me. Before you send healing to Fanny she was in a very bad condition. Besides all her problems she also had a real bad urine-way-infection and the doctors in our  hospital thought the only way out of this problem, was to in-operate a cateter (was this word correct). Surprise´s was big when test  showed: the infection was gone, and her health was better than several month.  How can I ever thank you for your help. Besides that I can mention that she never moved her legs so much as now. Ever. Many, many thanks again and  we would be very happy if you will be continued for a while to give Fanny more healing. Please let me know if there s anything I can do. I do believe in God and I do a lot of praying for her.
With all my heart
God bless you


Dearest Suni,

        Thank you with all my heart for working with Jim ___.  I received the call that I have been waiting for, from Jim today.  He had just returned from the hospital in Baltimore where he has been getting chemotherapy and tests, etc.  He was given another cat scan and his prognosis has been changed from "only thirty days to live" to a good chance for full recovery.  The doctors were amazed.  Jim said that the massive tumor that was in his abdomen area is completely gone and that two of the there tumors in his breast/shoulder area are gone.  he third is much, much smaller.  Jim is elated!!!
        I am profoundly grateful to my Lord Supreme, and all those who through their compassion have worked for Jim's benefit,  Thank you, thank you!  I came home and did a gratitude ceremony in our medicine wheel.  I will work with Jim in his him again on Friday and am being guided with how to work with hi now.  I am filled with gratitude and love this evening.  The Creator is so sweet.  Blessings to you and yours.  Thank you,




Hi Siona,
Sorry to take so long to reply.
I really appreciate
the healing energy. I am dealing with a number of
issues in my life, some unrelated, many intertwined. I
have had an increase in health problems since being
involved in a chemical accident about 8 years ago.
Dealing with staying healthy, finding work I can do,
the expense involved etc. has taken its toll.  I saw a
naturopath recently who has me dealing with yeast
issues at the moment (one of a number of approaches
tried with my health stuff over the years) and I am
pretty much at the mercy of anyone who can help at
this point.  I do energy work myself and feel it has
kept me much better than I would be otherwise.  For
some time I have felt I was absolutely at my wits end
dealing with all this and the fallout. Thank you for
taking the time to extend the energy.  Emotionally I
feel somewhat lighter, physically it varies.  Any
support you can provide is gladly received.  If you
have any insights from working on me that you want to
share with me, please do.
With gratitude :)



Thank you for your healing energy and prayers for Mike.  I am sure it is working and have noticed a positive difference in the last week which has not been evident before.  Many blessings, peace and love to you for all your good work.



Greetings Suni Rose

Thank you very much for your prayers and healing.  I actually have felt better this week.  Many of my problems seem to be diminishing.  I am still having trouble with my face, but I am confident that that will someday soon resolve itself as well.  Bless you for caring!

peace and blessings



I sent in the prayer request for my brother B___.  I am most happy to report and overwhelmed by our Lord's mercy!  HE IS HEALED!  He no longer has a blockage in his heart!  He didn't even have to have the surgery as was called for by his doctors!  He is back to work full time!

This is a true miracle from God!

I thank you for your healing energy and praise God for all that he has done for my brother and for our entire family!



Dear Siona,
Thank you for all you are doing.  My father was able to return to his
home in the mountains near _____.  He will go into physical therapy
starting Monday. We don't know yet if it will be outpatient or if he
will have to stay at the hospital.  Being a Reiki Master myself, I am
well aware of the power of this universal healing energy.  But the
prayers and healing being sent by everyone has had a tremendous impact
on us all.  In a little over a week, he has gone from paralysis on the
right side, partial paralysis on the left, and very impaired speech, to
being able to walk with a walker, and talking well enough so that we can
understand him.  He still has much work to do, but I know that the love
and energy coming in will assist him in his recover.
Thanks to you and to all those who responded, from myself and the

Only Love Prevails,




I want to thank you so much for the work on Jessica  As of Saturday she was still very bad and getting chemo then the doctor came in and said her bone marrow was not producing ass much cancer cells as it had previously...he said it was an excellent sign...he said it was so low that it was almost like a remission!!!!!!!!!!!

So if we could do another week on her I would be so grateful!! Thank you so much!


To Siona:

Many, many thanks for all the healing you have been
sending to Barry and myself.  I'm sorry for the delay
in replying to you, but I have not had access to a
computer while Barry was in hospital and when he first
came home.  Also now I also have the pathology
results, so I can fill you in on that now.
Firstly, the surgeons were really surprised at how
quickly Barry recovered from the surgery. He was up
and moving the next day, also, with all the healing
sent to Barry, the surgeons only had to remove one
foot of intestine instead of the programmed three feet.
Barry really felt the energy coming in to him at all
times.  The pathology results revealed he had type B
cancer, which means the cancer had penetrated the wall
of the intestine, but had not gone into his lymph
nodes or caused any secondary cancer, so the news was
really good - no chemo-therapy or radiation.
We are now going on nice long walks along the seaside
and his health is returning quickly.
Once again many thanks for your love and healing
energy.  Love, light and peace to you.
B. &  S.



I want to thank you so much for the work on Jessica  As of Saturday she was still very bad and getting chemo then the doctor came in and said her bone marrow was not producing ass much cancer cells as it had previously...he said it was an excellent sign...he said it was so low that it was almost like a remission!!!!!!!!!!!

So if we could do another week on her I would be so grateful!! Thank you so much!



Date unknown
Thank you Siona.

I have certainly noticed that my hips do feel better. They are cracking a lot less.  Thank you again for your prayers.

A. C. J.

To: Suni
Thank  you so very much!    10:00PM Eastern  time is okay,  that  would  be  7PM  my
time  (Calif.)  I'm so  grateful  for everyone's  prayers and Reiki.  Yesterday I felt  a  little
bit  better,  and  wondered  why.   It had  to  be  the Reiki,  I have no  other  logical
explanation  for  it.  Before  that, I  was  waking up feeling  worse  each morning.   I can't
seem to complete  a self-Reiki treatment,  I  don't know  why.  My mind is numb  most
of the time  and  I have a hard  time thinking.    Once  again  I  thank you.
With much appreciation,
In Love and Light,




Love, Light, Harmony





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