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Dr. Suni

DR.SUNI ROSE is a retired medical laboratory technologist, a profession she held for twenty-seven years. In 1999 she co-founded Universal Temple of Healing, an alternative healing center located in Marietta, Georgia, USA.


Dr. Suni has been sharing her gift of healing for more than twenty-eight years. Her current healing methods include a variety of energy healing methods, hypnotherapy, spiritual (pastoral) counseling, nutritional counseling, and life coaching. She performs healing for all conditions – mental, emotional, spiritual and physical – and is a volunteer healer for the DHN, the Distant Healing Network. She further shares her gifts by teaching Energy Healing systems and conducting teleseminars. 

Dr. Suni holds a Doctorate degree in Metaphysical Science, a Masters degree in Seichim and Reiki energy healing, and a degree in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy. She is a Certified Zen Qigong Instructor and an Ordained Metaphysical Minister specializing in Pastoral Psychology. 

Dr. Suni is the author of Overcoming Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, a book on the effects and healing of chemical sensitivity disorder, and Radical Goal Setting—The Science of Successful Goal Setting. She has authored many articles dealing with holistic healing. 


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Art is more than aesthetic

SIONA DEVI (aka Siona Marques), is an Artist and Healer.  She has been studying and practicing various healing arts for more than 17 years.  Her major influences are Jesus The Christ, Emilie Cady, and Edgar Cayce, all healers who understood the importance of surrendering to the will of God. She has taught at several Atlanta universities. She is an artist, creating oil paintings of surreal character and healing quality.  Healing is an art.  Art heals.  

Her main focus is on helping people to heal themselves by teaching them to surrender to God through connection to his firstborn creation, The Christ spirit, demonstrated as genuine love. As Jesus The Christ, a Master Healer & Teacher said, "and wonders will follow those who believe these things. In my name they will cast out demons; ...and if they should drink any poison of death, it will not harm them; and they will lay their hands on the sick and they will be healed." Mark 16:17-18. from the Lamsa translation from the original Aramaic text. (Siona's story).

Although one may easily learn to heal themselves, she believes the gift of healing others is from God and a calling not to be taken lightly. She received the gift from birth, but the calling much later on. Since then, she has been learning to allow God to teach her to use this gift more efficiently. She has M.A. and B.S. degrees from the University of Florida, and has taught at Georgia State University, Clark Atlanta University, and Georgia Perimetercolleges, as well as a few others. She is a Seichim and Reiki Master and has written a three-part manual on healing that is available as a home-study course. She is a clinical hypnotherapist certified from the Barry Seedman, PhD, Infaith program. She also performs energy healing sessions, hypnotherapy sessions, meal planning, herbal consulting, creative and intuitive counseling, and teaches Seichim and Reiki courses in person and online. more info.

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Universal Temple of Healing supports various community projects throughout the year.   We also perform volunteer work through the DHN (Distant Healing Network).


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