We Are Living in a Vortex


I know many people have felt caught in the worldwind at times and as if things were spinning out of control. I recently learned that we are quite literally moving in a vortex motion throughout the universe. This is quite orderly and organized however, far from chaotic. This helps explain the Fibonacci Sequence we discussed briefly in a previous blog post as well as why things grow the way they do.

Below is a video that highlights this well, even though the planets cannot possibly be in scale with the sun or they would be invisible. In an upcoming post we will show part two where it demonstrates the Sun in turn is moving in a spiral pattern itself around the different arms of the Milky Way. It’s quite rhythmic and planned with precision. And also quite interesting……

It highlights that regardless of how things seem, everything is in perpetual motion all of the time. We are constantly constantly moving, and fast, whether we know it or not, whether we are sleeping or awake. There is power in this understanding and its potential for healing and higher consciousness. Hope you enjoy the video!

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