The Moon and Menstruation

We are now just about fully into the new Age of Aquarius, even though the integration is not yet complete. Our perceptions as well as understanding of the universe  and  our place in it are continually sharpening and being revised.

I am writing this article to contradict some prevalent information I have seen on the Internet regarding the moon and the menstrual cycle. While some people believe  that the natural, ideal time for a woman to menstruate is at the new moon, and ovulate at the full moon, (one interesting theory being that the full Moon resembles an egg), I believe the opposite.

First let’s start with the theory that the full moon resembling an egg should somehow have a connection to fertility. We must look at the function of the moon and not the physical appearance of it. In astrology, the moon signifies one’s emotional nature, and is connected strongly with the mother or dominant nurturing parent and emotional aspects of life. Sign and placement of the natal Moon can also  indicate how a woman will be likely to fare in childbirth, which is never a  definitive thing, but just shows tendencies which can be overcome.

When the moon is full, it is basically in opposition to, or 180° from the sun. This causes a bit of friction, due to this strong polarity, and it tends to make humans and animals a little more edgy, anxious, and downright crazy. There have been many, many instances and examples of increased emergency room visits, violence, and general overall agitation when the moon is full, although this will tend to be more evident in those who have not integrated or balanced their emotional nature with their consciousness. Even wolves howl more during this time, according to old wives’ tales.


This full moon energy would be more conducive to menstruation than ovulation, because of the natural synchronicity. During menstruation, women cleanse and purge not only bodily fluids, but the emotions connected with these bodily fluids. It has been said that this is one of the reasons why women generally live longer than men, because of this ability to detoxify on a monthly basis. Why this period of cleansing, the prerequisite which prepares the womb for childbirth, would be connected with ovulation itself, the beginning of a new creation, is beyond me.

On the contrary, the new Moon phase, when it is dark– this is the period that should line up with a woman’s ovulation if she is in complete sync with the environment. Like seeds of plants which germinate in the moist dark soil, the dark night is a perfect complement to the beginning of a new life. Mystics have stated throughout the ages how everything in existence  comes from out of (or through) the dark void. Therefore, the new Moon phase is when a woman should ideally ovulate and be in harmonic resonance to conceiving.

There may also be a link between sunlight and ovulation. We are living in a time when many people spend most of the day indoors and do not get the necessary amount of sunlight each day. This is said to affect a woman’s cycle in relation to the cycle of the moon, making her off sync. Natural light cannot usually (or ever) substitute for sunlight, however, I am more inclined to believe that diet, lifestyle, and level of consciousness tend more to affect a woman’s cycle in this respect. In another article, I discuss how we can all “eat the sun” and incorporate more of this energy into our diet quite easily.

Although I will end this for now, this is a fascinating subject that I would love to discuss further, and am open to comments or questions via e-mail at As you may know, we have had to close our comment section due to overwhelming spam. We are open to publishing your comment by request under this article, and please feel to email us with any questions.

Wishing you love, light, and harmony.

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