Dear Dr. Suni – I feel drained!

I would like some advice concerning my living conditions. I am fifty years old and I share an apartment with three other guys, and I’m tired of somebody always trying to create problems. One individual has recently started up again trying to intimidate and create bad feelings in the house. The landlady said that at the end of April I will have my own flat, if I can hold out, I just hope that I get the flat, I feel at peace inside and do well in my university... Read More

Give God Love *Updated

This is a message that was confirmed to me during one of my meditations. I say this because it’s not something that was brand new to me, but something that Spirit felt necessary to remind me of. We see God every day in every way… through people, animals, plants, events, everything! Because God is literally the sum total of all. It is in everything, but more importantly it IS everything. For example, in visualization, it is suggested one visualize God as both the giver... Read More

The Nature of Distance Healing

What Is Distance Healing? Distance healing is the sending of healing energies through time and space for the purpose of healing. To some, it may seem impossible, but only if there is limited understanding of energy and its potentials for healing. There are countless testimonials throughout the ages of people being healed this way, in all faiths and religions. How does it work? While there are many ways to explain it, this is a simplified version. Essentially, your body is... Read More

Visualization-Is What You “See” Truly What You Get?

A friend and I were discussing visualization, and she was telling me about a story she heard about a woman who made a Vision Board but placed pics on it that were not ideal. For example, there was a picture of a cramped house. What resulted is that the woman got this almost to the letter. She in time received a small, cramped house. But what she really wanted was a big and spacious home. During the discussion we expressed our opinions on this. I personally believe that vision... Read More