Need help but have little money?

We turn no one away. If you are sincerely seeking healing but cannot afford our services, let us know. We will send you a short, confidential Hardship Application. We ask others to donate so that people in need can have services at reduced cost. We also donate our own time and resources. If you need assistance, click here, “add to cart,” and you will receive an email with the Hardship Application. Wishing you Love, Light and Harmony.  Read More


WHERE INTELLECT MEETS INTUITION This site is making some renovations over the next 6 weeks and one is the creation of our new DISCUSSION FORUM. Not a place to vent or argue, this forum will be a place where we discuss FAQs, topics covered on the radio show, your inspirational stories, advice, recipes and more. This is a place where intellect meets intuition, where we help each other to grow and learn as we walk this path called life. We invite you to join now by clicking on “Discuss”... Read More