Earthquakes and Pole Shifts, The New Age, Oh My!

According to channeled messages from The Virgin Mary in the book, Mary’s Message to the World, a pole shift is coming. It has happened before, many ages ago, and it is due for another shift in the near future. In fact, it is somewhat of a natural occurrence, as the earth’s tectonic plates shift over time like the pieces of a puzzle. According to Marianne Williamson “This book has great impact. Its message stayed with me for a long time.” “This time... Read More

The Mystery of Atlantis

It’s hardly a mystery anymore. Lots of information has been disseminated on this intriguing subject. I have a whole book of channeled information about Atlantis from a Native American author. The general consensus is that most people alive today were alive then also, and that as history has a funny way of repeated itself, we are being warned to be very careful about our actions and the collective energies we put forth. We talked about the Pole Shift during a previous show,... Read More