Do YOU Believe?

At Universal Temple of Healing, we believe that all illnesses can be healed. But the main criteria is that you believe you can be healed. This is because we don’t claim to do anything other than serve as channels for universal healing energy to flow through. This means that we don’t claim to be the force of change. Many people go from healer to healer looking for wellness, when this ability is inside of you all along. We educate you to understand this; we help you... Read More

The Nature of Distance Healing

What Is Distance Healing? Distance healing is the sending of healing energies through time and space for the purpose of healing. To some, it may seem impossible, but only if there is limited understanding of energy and its potentials for healing. There are countless testimonials throughout the ages of people being healed this way, in all faiths and religions. How does it work? While there are many ways to explain it, this is a simplified version. Essentially, your body is... Read More

Book Review- Radical Goal Setting

BOOK REVIEW – Radical Goal Setting by Suni Rose Suni Rose Radical Goal Setting Bloomington: iUniverse, 2009 79pp. $11.95 ISBN: 978-0-595-52053-4 Suni Rose has written a practical guide to achieving goals, based on theory and techniques espoused by Walter Wattles, Napoleon Hill and more recently the bestseller, The Secret. However, this how-to-manual, written in a laid-back user-friendly tone contains more metaphysical concepts, garnered  in part from the author’s PhD in... Read More