432 Hertz Meditation

According to sonatherapy researcher Gary Robert Buchanan, “A Cymatic visualization of 432 Hertz sounding in a drop of water. This is the classic tuning, in harmony with myriad ancient teachings, and modern quantum physics, that should be used in performances of Western music and in the manufacture of musical instruments. The DNA resonances of the ears respond best to 432 Hz. It is also the logical tuning contained in the overtone series, i.e., C = Binary 2, 4, 8, 16, 32,... Read More

The Still, Small Voice- Lessons in Truth chapter 3

Not everyone who shouts has something important to say. It’s the same way with intuition. When you get ‘messages’ from Spirit, they are most often quiet, calm, and peaceful. If you hear a voice shouting in your mind, chances are it is not your intuition or your higher self. We have been talking about Emilie Cady’s book, Lessons in Truth. Although she was near reclusive and a very quiet-spoken and private person, Emilie wrote a book that became the main... Read More

Dear Dr. Suni – I feel drained!

I would like some advice concerning my living conditions. I am fifty years old and I share an apartment with three other guys, and I’m tired of somebody always trying to create problems. One individual has recently started up again trying to intimidate and create bad feelings in the house. The landlady said that at the end of April I will have my own flat, if I can hold out, I just hope that I get the flat, I feel at peace inside and do well in my university... Read More

Questions & Answers with Dr. Suni & Siona- Love is on the Air!

Today’s show is about suicide, most importantly why it’s important not to do it and what you can do if you’re having thoughts or feelings about it. Rash decisions usually bring regret, and even if you been thinking about this for some time, your thoughts may not be logical due to your emotional distress. The main message is: Don’t do it! Call a hotline instead. Call us for our free prayer and energy healing services. You CAN get through this! Many others... Read More

Give God Love *Updated

This is a message that was confirmed to me during one of my meditations. I say this because it’s not something that was brand new to me, but something that Spirit felt necessary to remind me of. We see God every day in every way… through people, animals, plants, events, everything! Because God is literally the sum total of all. It is in everything, but more importantly it IS everything. For example, in visualization, it is suggested one visualize God as both the giver... Read More

Zen Qigong – Cultivating Extraordinary Health, Vital Energy and Enlightenment

What is Qigong (pronounced chi-gung)? There are many definitions among the many schools of qigong, but if we break down the word we arrive at a very simple definition. In Chinese the concept of qi means the totality of all energy, or Universal Energy. Gong means the achievement over time through cultivation and practice. What is being cultivated? Energy! So qigong is reaching different levels of achievement over time through the practice and cultivation of qi. What is Zen Qigong? Zen... Read More

Book Review: Denise Linn’s “Sacred Space: Clearing and Enhancing the Energy of Your Home”

Prayer, meditation, reflection.  These common spiritual practices are inward processes – taking the practitioner on an emotional, psychological, and often intangible journey toward God, light, peace, and understanding. Teachers, ministers, and guides are known for encouraging truth-seekers to “look within” instead of “without” during times of doubt, renewal, or reflection. But what if the mundane, concrete tasks that consume our day are actually the ticket to greater... Read More