The Power of Attraction

It has long been known that magnets are a significant part of healing. Biomagnetic energy encircles the Earth, and in fact the earth is itself a giant magnet with the North and South Poles being the 2 poles. Every magnet in turn has 2 poles and it has been found that there is a difference between the energy that comes from the north pole end of the magnet and the south pole of the magnet. The North Pole energy is considered negative and has a pulling effect. The South Pole energy... Read More

Energize Your Water

The chances are high you have heard of ionized water before. It is very popular, was a health ‘rage’ a few years back, and there are many varieties of both the water itself as well as water ionizers on the market. As ‘scientific’ as it sounds, the physics behind this are very simple. And you can actually make this water at home yourself very inexpensively. Listing the many benefits of drinking ionized water could create a document as thick as a phonebook. Therefore,... Read More