Join us for Live Prayer

Dr. Suni and I have been hosting our Love is On the Air, radio healing prayer program for a few years now. We thoroughly enjoy praying live on the air and inviting our listeners and prayer partners to pray with us. It is an effort that multiplies the positive energy and it is our way of helping to usher in the New Age smoothly and gracefully. Starting this year, the show is moving to the first Sunday of the month at 3 PM Eastern time. We are also making it more interactive,... Read More

Affirmation & Question of the Week

Come & Pray with us Join us every Friday at noon (Eastern time) for 15 minutes of powerful prayer during our Prayer Circle Radio Program! It doesn’t matter whether you listen live, or listen to the show after it has aired, since time and space are illusions, this program can benefit you at any time. We have listeners from all over the world. We also answer questions as well as take live healing requests. You can call into the show at (646) 727-2644. Send... Read More

Questions & Answers with Dr. Suni & Siona- Love is on the Air!

Today’s show is about suicide, most importantly why it’s important not to do it and what you can do if you’re having thoughts or feelings about it. Rash decisions usually bring regret, and even if you been thinking about this for some time, your thoughts may not be logical due to your emotional distress. The main message is: Don’t do it! Call a hotline instead. Call us for our free prayer and energy healing services. You CAN get through this! Many others... Read More