The Medicinal Wonders of Garlic

By Heather McCauley Garlic, or allium sativum, is an herb with edible bulbs which is related to the onion. Although both garlic and onions can be considered healthy when incorporated into one’s diet, garlic seriously outshines its cousin in the medicinal category. Used as early as 5000 years ago in India and 3000 years ago in China, garlic is the original folk remedy for numerous ailments. Hippocrates used garlic to treat cancer and garlic poultices were common on the battlefields... Read More

Back on the Air

Dr. Suni and I will be back next week. We have taken some time off, and in the meantime our platform, Blog Talk Radio, has done some unexpected changes to their design and layout. So it’s a pleasant coincidence. Now, the shows are easier to find and view. You can even embed them and share them with others. We changed the format because we receive a lot of questions and it’s more convenient for us to discuss the answers in a broadcast format rather than responding... Read More

Friday Inspiration

“Some tension is necessary for the soul to grow… We can look for every opportunity to give and receive love, to appreciate nature, to heal our wounds and the wounds of others, to forgive, and to serve.” – Joan Borysenko Photo Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos // < ![CDATA[ // < ![CDATA[ // < ![CDATA[ // < ![CDATA[ google_ad_client = "ca-pub-0921365943013245"; /* 4-1-11 */ google_ad_slot = "1898966506"; google_ad_width... Read More

Do YOU Believe?

At Universal Temple of Healing, we believe that all illnesses can be healed. But the main criteria is that you believe you can be healed. This is because we don’t claim to do anything other than serve as channels for universal healing energy to flow through. This means that we don’t claim to be the force of change. Many people go from healer to healer looking for wellness, when this ability is inside of you all along. We educate you to understand this; we help you... Read More