Testimonials are your gift of love… They help to strengthen others’ belief systems, and often profoundly touch someone else going through something similar. We cannot THANK YOU enough for taking the time to send them to us. So keep them coming! You can send them to the e-mail at the bottom of this article. Click here for our main testimonial page. We update it whenever we have time. Below is a brand-new testimonial regarding our Friday Healing circle radio program... Read More

Dealing with Holiday Depression

You may be aware that more people commit suicide over the holiday season than at any other time during the year. This has been the trend for a very long time, it’s nothing new. What is new however is that Universal Temple of Healing will hold its first live Holiday Healing Prayer Event on December 3. This is our way of giving back to the local community, as well as assisting anyone who is having challenges with depression, hopelessness, anxiety, or sadness. Of course, this... Read More

Dr. Suni’s Healing Prayer

Dr. Suni wrote this prayer which also incorporates the well-known Serenity Prayer at the end. You are welcome to print it out and to share it. She read it during our Friday Healing Prayer yesterday.  Join us next week at Friday noon (eastern time) HERE. Send prayer requests to:  prayer@temple-of-healing.org. Healing Prayer Dear Divine, help me to realize that no matter what my problems may be, they are but challenges that will only make me stronger. Help me to think positively... Read More

Join Us Today!

Join Dr. Suni and today for our 1st Friday New Healing Prayer! HERE. Every Friday at noon (eastern time) we will hold a 15 minute special healing prayer on our radio show. It will include energy healing sent out to specific people such as those who request our free energy healing. We will also take live anonymous prayer requests, and ask listeners and our Healing Volunteers to join with us in amplifying healing energy. We need your participation. This is a group effort and... Read More