Visualization-Is What You “See” Truly What You Get?

A friend and I were discussing visualization, and she was telling me about a story she heard about a woman who made a Vision Board but placed pics on it that were not ideal. For example, there was a picture of a cramped house. What resulted is that the woman got this almost to the letter. She in time received a small, cramped house. But what she really wanted was a big and spacious home. During the discussion we expressed our opinions on this. I personally believe that vision... Read More

The Power of Positive Thinking

Someone once said, we don’t get what we want, we get what we feel we deserve. This is one caveat of ancient techniques mentioned in books such as “The Secret.” Understanding the science behind the power of positive thinking is not difficult. Our brains are like transmitters, transmitting energy throughout the universe. Our brains can also connect with energy frequencies, both higher and lower. So it is not just an instrument for thinking, but a device for connecting... Read More