Nature’s Antibiotics

According to, “While antibiotics are appropriate and effective cures they are outrageously overprescribed. This is unnecessary since there are natural alternatives to treat most conditions. Many types of bacteria have become antibiotic-resistant due to the overprescription. Antibiotics are only effective against bacteria. They are completely useless against viruses, fungi, worms and parasites. Using these drugs can also cause an overgrowth of candida, yeast,... Read More

The Medicinal Wonders of Garlic

By Heather McCauley Garlic, or allium sativum, is an herb with edible bulbs which is related to the onion. Although both garlic and onions can be considered healthy when incorporated into one’s diet, garlic seriously outshines its cousin in the medicinal category. Used as early as 5000 years ago in India and 3000 years ago in China, garlic is the original folk remedy for numerous ailments. Hippocrates used garlic to treat cancer and garlic poultices were common on the battlefields... Read More

Spices – The Powerhouses of Health

By Heather McCauley By now, most of us are aware of the healing properties of certain herbs. Herbs like rosemary help asthma and can reduce the risk of heart attacks while oregano is known to have a high number of antioxidants. Just this week, we even spotlighted garlic as a superstar herb with a multitude of healing properties. While the benefits of herbs may be easily understood and widely studied, there is a little known class of spices which warrant much attention.... Read More