The Moon and Menstruation

We are now just about fully into the new Age of Aquarius, even though the integration is not yet complete. Our perceptions as well as understanding of the universe  and  our place in it are continually sharpening and being revised. I am writing this article to contradict some prevalent information I have seen on the Internet regarding the moon and the menstrual cycle. While some people believe  that the natural, ideal time for a woman to menstruate is at the new moon, and... Read More

What is Fertility Massage?

Life can seem unfair… that is, if we view it from a linear and not a holistic perspective. There are so many people who abuse their children, and there are so many unwanted children in the world. Yet, there are also many people who are unable (or think they are) to conceive. Fertility massage is a method of stimulating the reproductive energies. There are lots of theories and reasons why it works physically, but from a holistic perspective, it changes the nature of one’s... Read More