Dealing with the Devil

First of all, we don’t believe in the devil. There is no such entity or being that has negative power over our lives. There is ONLY God, or the Universal Intelligence, and that’s it! Everything else is just a manifestation of this Universal Intelligence in some form. This is why ancient peoples say this world is nothing but an illusion, because everything that is not God will pass away in time, meaning it was never real to begin with. Meditate on this if it helps.... Read More

House Clearings & Blessings

Every house needs a good cleaning. Sometimes this house is your physical or spiritual body, and sometimes is the home you spend a lot of time in. House clearings and blessings are good for many purposes. Sometimes, it is used to get rid of unwanted entities or ghosts, sometimes to clear the home for a ceremony such as a wedding. Sometimes, a person may want to simply clear the environment in order to start something new.  Although the reasons are multifold, clearing unwanted... Read More

Dealing with Psychic Attacks

Many times we are victims of unseen negative energy. These can be referred to as psychic attacks. They can come from loved ones or complete strangers. They also are not affected by distance and can come from anywhere in the world. They can also come from discarnate entities such as ghosts. Tonight we will discuss how to protect yourself form these attacks, and how to counteract them. Many times, they come from people or situations that we may not be able to separate from immediately.... Read More