The Significance of Sun Gazing

*UPDATE: Since writing this article, I have tried gazing directly into the sun during sunset. I find that this is soothing, and profoundly healing. I felt the flu coming on, and sun gazing for about 10 seconds while holding a quartz crystal in each hand warded it off! During the day when the sun is hot, blinking while staring directly at the sun can be just as effective. My belief is that the solar energy affects our chakras and energizes them tremendously within a short period... Read More

Join Us Today!

Join Dr. Suni and today for our 1st Friday New Healing Prayer! HERE. Every Friday at noon (eastern time) we will hold a 15 minute special healing prayer on our radio show. It will include energy healing sent out to specific people such as those who request our free energy healing. We will also take live anonymous prayer requests, and ask listeners and our Healing Volunteers to join with us in amplifying healing energy. We need your participation. This is a group effort and... Read More

Zen Qigong – Cultivating Extraordinary Health, Vital Energy and Enlightenment

What is Qigong (pronounced chi-gung)? There are many definitions among the many schools of qigong, but if we break down the word we arrive at a very simple definition. In Chinese the concept of qi means the totality of all energy, or Universal Energy. Gong means the achievement over time through cultivation and practice. What is being cultivated? Energy! So qigong is reaching different levels of achievement over time through the practice and cultivation of qi. What is Zen Qigong? Zen... Read More