Zen Qigong – Cultivating Extraordinary Health, Vital Energy and Enlightenment

What is Qigong (pronounced chi-gung)? There are many definitions among the many schools of qigong, but if we break down the word we arrive at a very simple definition. In Chinese the concept of qi means the totality of all energy, or Universal Energy. Gong means the achievement over time through cultivation and practice. What is being cultivated? Energy! So qigong is reaching different levels of achievement over time through the practice and cultivation of qi. What is Zen Qigong? Zen... Read More

Book Review- Radical Goal Setting

BOOK REVIEW – Radical Goal Setting by Suni Rose Suni Rose Radical Goal Setting Bloomington: iUniverse, 2009 79pp. $11.95 ISBN: 978-0-595-52053-4 Suni Rose has written a practical guide to achieving goals, based on theory and techniques espoused by Walter Wattles, Napoleon Hill and more recently the bestseller, The Secret. However, this how-to-manual, written in a laid-back user-friendly tone contains more metaphysical concepts, garnered  in part from the author’s PhD in... Read More