Affirmation & Question of the Week

Join us here every Friday at noon (Eastern time) for 15 min. of powerful prayer during our Prayer Circle Radio Program! It doesn’t matter whether you listen live, or listen to the show after it has aired, since time and space are illusions, this program can benefit you at any time. We have listeners from all over the world. We also answer questions as well as take live healing requests. You can call into the show at (646) 727-2644. Send prayer requests, testimonials, or... Read More

Today’s Show – Do it for YOU!

Everyone wants to look their best. But what is the motivation? Is it because you want to gain something or someone? Is it because you seek to keep someone? These motivations are extrinsic, coming from outside of yourself. Today, we want to talk about the importance of intrinsic motivation, doing things for your own self worth and value, and not for the sake of anyone else. Why is this important? Because if your desire to look good is based on anything else, you may later... Read More

Dear Dr. Suni- I need to lose weight to keep him!

Dear Dr. Suni. My husband and I have been married for 15 years and for the first year things were great. Then I started to gain weight and he started to look at me different. He kept telling me he didn’t like fat women and that I should lose weight. I tried all kinds of diets, but each time I put back more weight than I lost. Now he hardly ever looks at me. I want to lose the weight so he’ll be attracted to me again. Can you help me? Mary Dear Mary, It’s... Read More

Choosing the Right One- Love is On the Air!

Choosing the ‘right’ or ‘perfect’ partner in a relationship is a matter of both intuition and common sense. But common sense is often not so common when you feel that you’re in love. Also, intuition tends to go out the window when the object of your affection is telling you what you want to hear or making you feel like you’re the most special person on the planet. This doesn’t mean they are insincere, but how can you be certain... Read More

LOVE IS ON THE AIR – Breaking Up is Hard to Do!

Someone asked Dr. Suni in the advice column. “why do I find it so hard to let go? Every time I’m in a relationship and we break up, I just can’t accept it. I’m never the one to do the break up, even when I see it’s not going to work. How can I let it go and move on?” Have you ever been there? This show will discuss some of the reasons why we hold on (far too long) and more importantly how to let go! Join us. Click here to listen.  Read More