Affirmation & Question of the Week

Come & Pray with us Join us every Friday at noon (Eastern time) for 15 minutes of powerful prayer during our Prayer Circle Radio Program! It doesn’t matter whether you listen live, or listen to the show after it has aired, since time and space are illusions, this program can benefit you at any time. We have listeners from all over the world. We also answer questions as well as take live healing requests. You can call into the show at (646) 727-2644.... Read More

Dropping weight…the easy way

We have discussed in various places such as this blog and our radio program that even the way you perceive weight loss makes a difference.  For example, we prefer to say ‘dropping weight’ versus losing weight because psychologically it helps to perceive it as something you can drop and leave behind rather than something that you ‘lose’ which your subconscious mind may want to then again ‘find.’ Anything in life that requires too much struggle... Read More

You Are Invited – Join Us on December 3rd!

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Dealing with Holiday Depression

You may be aware that more people commit suicide over the holiday season than at any other time during the year. This has been the trend for a very long time, it’s nothing new. What is new however is that Universal Temple of Healing will hold its first live Holiday Healing Prayer Event on December 3. This is our way of giving back to the local community, as well as assisting anyone who is having challenges with depression, hopelessness, anxiety, or sadness. Of course, this... Read More

Empty Nest Syndrome

I had a dream 2 days ago that I was at my own graduation… Researching the dream symbolism, I understand this is actually a positive dream that signals initiation and moving forward in life. Coincidentally, in real life my son just graduated in May, and left for college in August. I got to experience firsthand the emotions involved in what’s referred to as “Empty Nest Syndrome.” Although this was slightly traumatic, there were also positive feelings involved,... Read More

Questions & Answers with Dr. Suni & Siona- Love is on the Air!

Today’s show is about suicide, most importantly why it’s important not to do it and what you can do if you’re having thoughts or feelings about it. Rash decisions usually bring regret, and even if you been thinking about this for some time, your thoughts may not be logical due to your emotional distress. The main message is: Don’t do it! Call a hotline instead. Call us for our free prayer and energy healing services. You CAN get through this! Many others... Read More

Don’t Do It!

force Suicide hurts more than just you. If you’re depressed, there is a way out. The way out may not be easy, but taking your life is never the way out! People who have had near-death experiences due to the attempt to commit suicide often come back with the same message– it is a massive mistake. Sure, it’s easy for one to say and almost impossible for one in a situation that seems impenetrable to believe. However, it is the truth. And the truth is one aspect... Read More