Did you miss the Holiday Cord Cutting Special?

If you missed our Holiday Cord Cutting Special don’t fret! You can still access it and you can still perform this ceremony and cut the negative ties that bind! Click here. Join usĀ  next week Sunday, Dec. 17 at 6:00 pm eastern time for our Holiday Goal Setting Special. Best wishes to you and yours.  Read More

Holiday Healing Specials!

In addition to our weekly Friday healing prayer circle, which we hold on our radio show, we are also hosting 2 Holiday Specials. Holiday Cord Cutting Special! On December 10 from 6:00 clock to 6:30 PM eastern time, join us as we cut the cords that bind. This Holiday Cord Cutting Special is an active ceremony where we will take you through this profound process of letting go. If you feel as if you need support in this area, this is a perfect time for you to gather with us and... Read More

Dealing with Psychic Attacks

Many times we are victims of unseen negative energy. These can be referred to as psychic attacks. They can come from loved ones or complete strangers. They also are not affected by distance and can come from anywhere in the world. They can also come from discarnate entities such as ghosts. Tonight we will discuss how to protect yourself form these attacks, and how to counteract them. Many times, they come from people or situations that we may not be able to separate from immediately.... Read More


Cord Cutting is a powerful ceremony that only needs one person -you! What does it do? It releases you of the psychic ties that connect you to everyone you have had unproductive or negative relationships with. This not only includes family and friends, but also co-workers and business partners. Most people cannot see the invisible ties that bind. But they are there in the astral plane. Most of us are aware however, of people who suck our energy (energy vampires), because when... Read More