The Law of One

According to the “sleeping prophet” Edgar Cayce, and other visionaries such as W.T.Samsel (author of The Atlantis¬† Connection), we are literally the new Atlantis. This is because many many people who are alive today are reincarnated from that ancient era and bring many of their soul memories with them. This is also another reason why technology is advancing so rapidly because many people today have experienced far more advanced technology in distant times. In ancient... Read More

The Mystery of Atlantis

It’s hardly a mystery anymore. Lots of information has been disseminated on this intriguing subject. I have a whole book of channeled information about Atlantis from a Native American author. The general consensus is that most people alive today were alive then also, and that as history has a funny way of repeated itself, we are being warned to be very careful about our actions and the collective energies we put forth. We talked about the Pole Shift during a previous show,... Read More