Synastry v. Composite Charts– Which is the Real Deal?

In a previous article I discussed the significance of using synastry to understand others such as in relationships and partnerships. (Click here). But there is another theory that some astrologers use called the composite chart. This chart is a combination of 2 individuals which creates a third independent chart. This third chart is then interpreted as how the couple or the unit is viewed by the outside world, or interacts with others. For example, this  composite chart can... Read More

Mars, The Planet of Action

Just as our Venus sign shows us how we love and relate to other people, our Mars sign placement points to our action tendencies, what we like to do, how we are most comfortable expressing our actions and so forth. These actions also include sexuality. The sign it is in will govern how we act, while the house it is in will govern which areas of life we prefer to channel these actions through. For example, someone with a Mars in the 4th house (the house of the home and family)... Read More

Astrology & Psychology

Carl Jung is a psychologist who had a near-death experience. Afterward, his whole perspective on life changed dramatically. He began to discuss “archetypes” which he described as symbols of the unconscious.  Since the subconscious mind is linked to the superconscious (I believe he used the term ‘collective unconscious’) the greater intelligence that connects us all, these archetypes are common to all people regardless of language or culture. How do... Read More

Astrology and You Tuesdays

Pluto, The Planet of Transformation Pluto is the planet of transformation. Planets are more than just gigantic orbs in the sky, just as people are more than just their bodies. As we can think, act and have character, planets have personalities also. They are universal energies that interact with our energies to help us learn and grow. Pluto’s role is a hefty one, as it is not subtle at all. Pluto forces us to transform, to change drastically and to metamorphosis into something... Read More