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Free Consult

begin_hereDon't know where to start? Begin with a free consult. This is where you get to confidentially discuss your concerns and situation one-on-one. There is no obligation, and the main purpose is for you to have any questions answered and for us to help you to decide what services you may benefit from. Fill in More Info »
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Qigong Classes

qigongIn Chinese the concept of qi means the totality of all energy, or Universal Energy. Gong means the achievement over time through cultivation and practice. What is being cultivated? Energy! So qigong is reaching different levels of achievement over time through the practice and cultivation of qi. It is a wonderful science of balancing the More Info »
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Pastoral Counseling

counselSometimes you just need a little help. Pastoral counseling is Counseling through metaphysical principles for grief, emotional issues, life challenges, peace and prosperity in all areas of your life. 1 hour session.
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SPECIALTY SERVICES: Holistic Weight Loss, Meta-Acupuncture, Spell Breaking, House Clearing

bodyHolistic Weight Loss This program is a combination of Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing Treatments, Counseling, and Nutritional Consulting. It is recommended for those needing to lose 50 pounds or more, or those with deep-seated emotional connections with overeating. The minimum length of this program is 3 months. Price is based on each individual case, and will More Info »
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reikiDr. Usui rediscovered Reiki (ray-key) in the late 1800's to early 1900's. Since then the knowledge of this ancient healing art has been passed down. Join in the lineage of healers and take your place in line. You will also receive a Family Tree diagram highlighting your lineage upon completion of level III that is More Info »
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easelDon't miss your chance to release & relax in a magical meditative environment! WHAT IS AN ART MEDITATION? Led by Dr. Suni Rose, author of Radical Goal Setting, we set the tone for healing, and you silently paint a mandala-type image on a 12x12 canvas such as the yin yang symbol during this time. This More Info »
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5770085_sYour body is a bio machine, it needs fuel or energy to function. This natural food that we call The Superfood is similar to the highest octane or a supercharged battery. It can cause a burst of well being that lasts indefinitely because it recharges all of your cells. Think of it like jumpstarting a More Info »
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pill2You won't believe how simple! The ancients knew and so can you. Knowledge is Power! Purchase with The SuperFood for $32.99, save $6.97! Scroll to bottom to purchase. ** These two basic and inexpensive items alone will effect healing in about 75% of people, regardless of the ailment. It is important to understand the dynamics More Info »
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MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERADr. Suni will make a tonic just for you! Using natural herbs, some from the Caribbean, she will create this tonic based on your needs. Herbal medicine is ancient wisdom and every herb is able to effect some type of healing on the body. This concentrated, powerful tonic is a made-to-order dietary supplement, and comes More Info »
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1341308_lowNeed advice on any of the following: diet, herbal supplements, minerals, weight loss, or healing an ailment? Consult with a Nutritional Advisor who will draft a personalized nutritional report for you based on your physical condition, age, gender, weight and other specific conditions. Follow-up sessions scheduled on an as-needed basis.
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HERBAL TEA BLENDS - Made fresh to order.

teaHealing teas prepared properly are very potent in helping the body recuperate. We offer dry herbal combinations for detoxifying, cleansing the blood, strengthening the immune system, and also for specific ailments. We also give specific instructions on how to make these teas and tonics and how to use them to improve your health. These blends More Info »
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brImagine the picture you want for your life. You can truly create it; you've probably heard that before. But do you believe it? Tap deep into the subconscious and clean house! Effective for many issues from smoking cessation to phobias. Also for past life regressions and forgiveness therapy. Sessions are 90-120 minutes typical. Treatments available More Info »
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4803454_sNot a traditional course, in that there are no graded exams. However, there is guided discussion with an Instructor during a 6-week period. These are comprehensive teachings rooted in ancient healing methods, psychology, nutritional counseling, and hands-on self healing applications. Manual is more than 60 pages and includes exercises and additional audio lectures. This course More Info »
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tutbThis course is created by a University Instructor and healer. She was Divinely inspired to create it. It is organized to take you step-by-step into the domain of energy healing. We believe in teaching 'what cannot be taught.' This means although one can easily learn the methods and techniques of becoming a healer, what makes a true More Info »
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Radical  “The fact you desire a thing is proof you have the power within you to create that thing.”With total success comes total joy, a deep-seated contentment based on the realization that whatever is happening in your life at the moment, you know and feel that your true nature can never be compromised. Book description More Info »
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3549975_sDo you feel that you cannot be hypnotized? Have you tried hypnotherapy before and feel it was not effective? Do you know someone who has had an unsuccessful hypnotherapy session? Often, the biggest barrier to hypnotherapy is the inability to relax. This can be caused by various factors, the most common one being the critical More Info »
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2450534_blogMost disease is diet-based and can be diet cured! This short and comprehensive guide has life saving information. It explains the basis of all disease and how to ensure the body remains resistant to it. It also contains lists of foods that help the body to naturally and effortlessly repair itself and to help it More Info »
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MSC_image“Multiple Chemical Sensitivities...A Survivor’s Guide,” which unveils the mystery and brings relief to the ever increasing number of allergy sufferers who are unable to understand their symptoms or reclaim their health. Suni develops multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) following a prolonged exposure to the chemical formaldehyde, and finds that the illness is unrecognized by the medical More Info »
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Ministerial Manual

11836542_sA minister is one who serves, one who uses their gifts to help others. Learn how to become a minister of metaphysics and train yourself to be of service to others.
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Awakening Your Divine Potential CD

4909774_s...for when you need extra support in making changes and taking a step forward to achieving your dreams. This CD can help 'awaken' the sleeping giant within. Why wait for tomorrow? Start the journey today. This Mystical Meditation with Affirmations is written and delivered by Dr. Suni Rose, Ph.D. $10.00 + $2.99 S&H in US More Info »
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Energy Healing

5418041_blogEnergy is life-force, power. This vital force comes from one Original Source, and is found in every particle of matter, no matter how small. Energy Healing a.k.a. Energy Therapy, is healing using the natural flow of energy within all things. This ancient form of healing is natural, safe and very powerful. The Healer does not More Info »
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Free Kefir Grains

kefirWe sometimes have the water grains to spare. They can also be used in dairy, as they will adapt to any medium.* We would like to share these precious pearls with anyone in need. Simply send a love offering of at least $3.00 to cover postage and shipping expenses.* We can expedite it for an More Info »
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Need help but have little money?

skyheartWe turn no one away. If you are sincerely seeking healing but cannot afford our services or products, let us know. We will send you a short, confidential Hardship Application. We ask others to donate so that people in need can have services at reduced cost. We also donate our own time and resources. If More Info »
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Support our Mission & Outreach

donateOur Mission is to Heal, Teach & Uplift. To fulfill this in part, we offer free services, prayer, and conduct outreach lectures and information sessions for the general public, donating complimentary food and beverages as well our time and resources. You can support our efforts as well as donate to pay for services to others. More Info »
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Down Payment

In order to ensure your place on our schedule, we ask that you leave a deposit. Please select your payment option and click to complete your payment. The deposit is non-refundable but will be applied at a later date if you’re unable to keep your initial appointment. Your deposit can also be applied to a More Info »
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