Planetary Ascension


It has come to my attention through my meditations that humanity is at a point again where some people are ready for ascension. In ancient Egypt I believe a whole community ascended together to a higher plane. This has also happened many times throughout history.

To support this theory, I started doing research and came upon some very interesting and confirming data. I would do a disservice if I attempted to paraphrase the wealth of information I’ve been coming across. But in a nutshell, 2012 was an important marking point. It has been misunderstood that the ancient Mayans were calling this the end of the world. In contrast, it was actually the end of an old era but the beginning of a glorious new time, also marking full entry into the Age of Aquarius. It delineated when ethereal portals became open, and humans are able to easily transform into their light bodies, our true beings. This brought to mind a phrase from the Bible where Jesus exclaimed, “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.” (John 3:3) Since this kingdom is a light kingdom, we must transform into our Lightbodies in order to access it, as Jesus so well understood.

Much of the information about this is via channel. This means it may not be exact, and also, things shift constantly. For example, the Creator is apparently giving humanity more time as the wheat and chaff are separated, for the purpose of allowing more people to get their act together– for lack of a better term. In addition, the channels themselves are not perfect, although the body of knowledge coming through is definitely complementary and gives rise to the notion that the channelers are genuine.

Therefore I will link to these various sites of information and encourage you to do your own research, and allow the Creator to speak to you as well. We are all part of this grand new cycle where a new heaven and new earth as stated in the biblical texts will be a reality. We may just simply shift to another dimension yet stay in the same physical space, but those who have not shifted will not be able to perceive us, just as we are not generally able to see our brothers and sisters on other planets, although they are definitely there.

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