Intermittent Fasting, Dry Fasting & Cell Regeneration

According to studies, dry fasting (going without food OR water) sends the body’s cells into hyper drive. It causes them to shrink, strengthen, and move into survival-mode, which results in autophagy, when the stronger cells, for lack of a better word, “eat” the weaker ones. This means when it’s time for them to reproduce, the healthier cells that remain create more like-minded healthy cells, thus causing the body to regenerate... Read More

Zen Mindfulness

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. ~ Buddha Check out this enlightening article. Enjoy!  Read More

Visualize Your Way to Health

The Meditation Society of America has wonderful techniques for using visualization to heal yourself. Yes, we are all given this power, but sadly, like the majority our brain power, which most of mankind doesn’t utilize fully, we are collectively lacking inherent skills to use our own healing power. Below is a link with a few types of visualizations for healing. Pick one, and go with it. Be consistent and positive (this is very important) and... Read More

Eating The Sun

You may be aware  all energy comes from the sun. Plants use photosynthesis to filter this massive power to other organisms. You may also be aware it is more beneficial in an energy sense to eat plants than eat animals that eat plants, (or worse, other animals), because the closer you are to the primary producer, the closer you are to the energy of the sun. Many people do not get the required amount of sunlight each day because of their lifestyle.... Read More

The Moon and Menstruation

We are now just about fully into the new Age of Aquarius, even though the integration is not yet complete. Our perceptions as well as understanding of the universe  and  our place in it are continually sharpening and being revised. I am writing this article to contradict some prevalent information I have seen on the Internet regarding the moon and the menstrual cycle. While some people believe  that the natural, ideal time for a woman to menstruate... Read More

Thoughts Are Things

Below is a channeled message. I enjoyed this message and I believe its authenticity. In this holographic universe, we must let go of doubts caused by fear and open our minds to the unlimited ways that the Universe can communicate with us. NOW is the time of REAWAKENING. One Love. image source: Thoughts by Sylvie van Hulle  Read More

Is the Universe a Hologram?

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Rearrange The Mind

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Energy Therapy

Energy Therapy is an alternative healing method done to unblock and balance the natural flow of energy found in, and around, all living things. This energy is available to us at all times and flows in and out of the many energy centers located throughout the body. A blockage or an unbalanced flow of energy to or from an energy center can produce mental, emotional, or physical disharmony. When our energy level is high, we feel strong, confident, and... Read More

Planetary Ascension Video

   Read More

Planetary Ascension

It has come to my attention through my meditations that humanity is at a point again where some people are ready for ascension. In ancient Egypt I believe a whole community ascended together to a higher plane. This has also happened many times throughout history. To support this theory, I started doing research and came upon some very interesting and confirming data. I would do a disservice if I attempted to paraphrase the wealth of information I’ve... Read More

The China Study

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It’s All in the Family

According to Dr. Mercola, studies show diet and lifestyle choices of both parents have multigenerational health effects Check out the full article here:  Read More

Exactly WHY is Detoxification So Important?

Dr. Morse explains it quite well. Hope you enjoy. Email or call us with questions, for a free consult, or when you’re ready to change your diet for the better.  Read More

Happy Winter Solstice!

According to, “The earliest people on Earth knew that the sun’s path across the sky, the length of daylight, and the location of the sunrise and sunset all shifted in a regular way throughout the year. They built monuments such as Stonehenge in England – or, for example, at Machu Picchu in Peru – to follow the sun’s yearly progress.” According to, “The winter solstice marks the shortest day... Read More

Getting The Flu Can Actually Be Good For You!

After beginning a primarily raw food diet, things started changing rapidly. I noticed the surge in energy immediately. I didn’t need as much sleep. Like many others note, mental clarity gets even sharper, and in general  there’s an overall lighter and bouncier feel to my body. It’s almost like walking on air. However, not long afterwards (about 2 months) I experienced the worst Healing Crisis in my life. I got major flu symptoms... Read More

Show Postponed

Our Healing Circle prayer radio program is moved to Saturday October 11 at 3:00 pm eastern time due to a technical issue. Rest assured the names on the list will continue to be prayed over daily. Thank you to our Pray Partners for laboring with us! Love, light and harmony. Dr. Suni & Siona  Read More

Root Canals—A Danger to Health

If you’ve had one or more root canal procedures done of are thinking of getting one done, think twice. Root canals are a danger to health. According to Dr. Hal Huggins, D.D.S., M.S., root canals are breeding grounds for bacterial toxins. The dead teeth attract oral microbes (bacteria) which leave waste products that travel throughout the body causing disease. Root canals are toxic. Due to lack of adequate blood supply, they can kill the bones around... Read More

Ego or Intuition—Which Is It?

Are you often confused about which direction to take, which choice to make? Then when you finally decide, do you keep questioning your decision, wondering if you made the right choice? We’d been doing a weekly radio show on BlogTalk radio ( in which we answered a Question of the Week sent in by a listener. On one of our shows we chose the following question to analyze: “I’m unsure about making decisions.... Read More

Live Hummus

If you like hummus and you’re a raw foodie, here’s a recipe for a live hummus dish that’s, well… different. Hummus is a Middle Eastern dish and dates back to ancient Egypt. Hummus is actually an Arabic word meaning chickpeas. The Spanish call it garbanzo beans, and in Italy it’s called cece beans. Hummus is easy to make and can be prepared in a million different ways—it’s as varied as individuals themselves. The traditional hummus... Read More

We Are Living in a Vortex

I know many people have felt caught in the worldwind at times and as if things were spinning out of control. I recently learned that we are quite literally moving in a vortex motion throughout the universe. This is quite orderly and organized however, far from chaotic. This helps explain the Fibonacci Sequence we discussed briefly in a previous blog post as well as why things grow the way they do. Below is a video that highlights this well, even... Read More

July Radio Program – Fibonacchi Sequence

Below is a video about the Fibonacchi Sequence we discussed on the air during our July Radio Healing Program along with the quote of the month. Dr. Suni will provide the excerpt from her book when she has a chance. Wishing you love, light and harmony! QUOTE OF THE MONTH: You are never alone or helpless. The force that guides the stars guides you too. ~Prabhat Ransan Sarkar image source:  Read More

432 Hertz Meditation

According to sonatherapy researcher Gary Robert Buchanan, “A Cymatic visualization of 432 Hertz sounding in a drop of water. This is the classic tuning, in harmony with myriad ancient teachings, and modern quantum physics, that should be used in performances of Western music and in the manufacture of musical instruments. The DNA resonances of the ears respond best to 432 Hz. It is also the logical tuning contained in the overtone series, i.e.,... Read More

Kombucha Originates from Kefir

I’ve been working with probiotics for a few months now and been experimenting as well. My curiosity got the best of me so I wondered why water kefir grains are only grown in sugar water and not in any other liquid. Although some sites say that you can use fruit juice, most don’t go into detail about this very much. I have Kombucha which I ordered online. Since I’ve been working with both, I decided to make things interesting... Read More

Check out our New Site

We now have a separate site for our ongoing Art Meditations. This will make it easier to facilitate scheduling. Click here to access. Or, use the link at the top. Love, light, and Harmony  Read More

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