Join us for Live Prayer


Dr. Suni and I have been hosting our Love is On the Air, radio healing prayer program for a few years now. We thoroughly enjoy praying live on the air and inviting our listeners and prayer partners to pray with us. It is an effort that multiplies the positive energy and it is our way of helping to usher in the New Age smoothly and gracefully.

Starting this year, the show is moving to the first Sunday of the month at 3 PM Eastern time. We are also making it more interactive, inviting our listeners to also state their requests on the air live. This is an opportunity for you to ‘put your intentions out there’ into the universe within the power of a group dynamic. We believe this will be encouraging, supportive, and empowering for all.

Join us Sunday February 2 at 3 PM Eastern time. We feel this later time will be more inclusive of our partners overseas in different time zones. As usual, send in your prayer requests to heal@Temple–of–Healing(dot)org no later than last day of the month. We have a new form on the right side of the page. We will read your prayer request live on the air during our show and we invite you to call in and do this yourself if you choose. This time can also be used to solidify your goals and strengthen them.

However, we want you to know that we pray daily over prayer requests so they will be attended to immediately upon receipt. Let us know if you have any questions. Wishing you love, light, and harmony.

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