Getting The Flu Can Actually Be Good For You!


After beginning a primarily raw food diet, things started changing rapidly. I noticed the surge in energy immediately. I didn’t need as much sleep. Like many others note, mental clarity gets even sharper, and in general¬† there’s an overall lighter and bouncier feel to my body. It’s almost like walking on air.

However, not long afterwards (about 2 months) I experienced the worst Healing Crisis in my life. I got major flu symptoms such as fever, body aches, and weakness that kept me in bed for a few days solid. However, the weird thing about this particular crisis is that even though my muscles felt weak, I still had energy.

However, I noticed whenever I used energy, for example doing a household chore, my body immediately shut down and I had to rest. This told me that my body was using all of it for regeneration. It didn’t seem to want to share with my everyday life. To facilitate the healing, I stopped doing things and just simply rested and drank liquids.

Using suppositories to facilitate elimination helped greatly as the body has a constant need to flush waste during this time, and anything you can do to help it along is a major benefit. This can also include self massage, cleansing or steam baths, and yes, even exercise.

The key in my opinion is your belief system. The pain I experienced was atrocious. One night I moved around every portion of the bed, flipping over from front to back trying to cope with the throbbing in my muscles.  Knowing that this is actually a good thing, kept it bearable. I could even visualize my cells recharging, regenerating, and becoming brand-new.

All of our body cells are replaced about every seven years, however with this crisis, I felt many of them being replaced all at once. It was a wonderful yet agonizing experience and my body will literally (and thankfully) never be the same again.


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