Energy Therapy

Energy Therapy is an alternative healing method done to unblock and balance the natural flow of energy found in, and around, all living things. This energy is available to us at all times and flows in and out of the many energy centers located throughout the body. A blockage or an unbalanced flow of energy to or from an energy center can produce mental, emotional, or physical disharmony. When our energy level is high, we feel strong, confident, and ready to enjoy life and take on its challenges. When our energy level is low, we feel weak and are more prone to illness.

A disruption in the energy flow is the main cause of illness. Energy therapy corrects the disruption and restores the free flow of energy. This ancient form of healing is completely safe, natural, and effective. It produces only positive results. The healer acts as a guide to balance the energy system and to expand the energy levels of the person being treated. The healer can sense causes and interconnections in the various aspects of a person’s life that have created illness, and works with the client to maximize his or her own healing potential. As the energy field is cleared of blockages, stress and tension begin to fall away. This stimulates the person’s own internal healing ability to begin the healing process.

Energy therapy can be done in many ways. Hands-on healing is widely used and very popular. Reiki and Seichim are examples of hands-on healing. Other healing methods include magnetic and radiatory healing, qigong energy healing, meta-acupuncture healing, and healing with crystals and other healing aids.

Energy treatment can lessen or alleviate pain, anxiety, fear, stress, tension, depression, anger, sadness, hurt, worry, low self-esteem, and many other ailments. It has been scientifically proven that these and other negative emotional states can and do cause diseases such as high blood pressure, heart attacks, chest pains (angina), skin disorders, stomach disorders, nervous disorders, cancers, and more. Research on the mind/body connection has shown that mental stress has profound effects upon the physical body. If the build-up of stress is allowed to continue, a breakdown can occur in the immune system. Energy therapy relieves the effects of these negative conditions and enhances your potential for healing.

Energy therapy works with, and complements, any other treatment you are receiving. You are advised to continue all medications and medical treatments. However, in most instances the need for drugs decreases as the healing progresses. This does not happen overnight (just as illness does not suddenly appear), and takes commitment on the part of the client to the healing process. We recommend a minimum of three energy healing sessions, done approximately three weeks apart. The client can help the process along by maintaining a positive attitude and by relaxing and allowing the energy to do its work. The more healing energy you receive, the more centered, balanced, and healthier you become in mind, spirit and body. Some people find the treatments so effective that they continue to receive them on a regular, on-going basis.

We strongly suggest a nutritional consultation for all clients receiving energy therapy. An improper diet can contribute to energy blockages and lead to physical, mental and emotional imbalance. Should you need advice on diet, nutritional supplementation, shedding weight, or other health-related concerns; we recommend that you schedule a consultation with our Nutritional Advisor. You will receive detailed dietary guidelines tailored to your needs. You’ll also receive our General Nutritional Guide with valuable advice on food selection.


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