Eating The Sun


You may be aware  all energy comes from the sun. Plants use photosynthesis to filter this massive power to other organisms. You may also be aware it is more beneficial in an energy sense to eat plants than eat animals that eat plants, (or worse, other animals), because the closer you are to the primary producer, the closer you are to the energy of the sun.

Many people do not get the required amount of sunlight each day because of their lifestyle. In some areas, the sun may not even shine for days at a time.

Following are ways that you can easily capture some of that living light.

1. Soak in the Sunlight

Soak beans, peas, rice, sprouting seeds, just about anything, in water in the sunlight before cooking. (You can even cook them in this solar-infused water.) For vegetables and fruits, simply sit them in a sunny spot. I personally don’t think they have to soak for a very long length of time, but it depends on the season and strength of the sun. On a hot summer day, even 15 minutes should be enough to allow the atoms in the food to infuse and ‘reacquaint’ themselves with the sun’s energy, something they ‘remember’ on an atomic level. On a cloudy or winter day, more time may be needed–use your intuition and also understand that elevation may play a role, so if you’re on a mountaintop, the sun’s rays could be stronger than if you are at sea level. It will be more beneficial if these food items are organic and/or were grown naturally in a sunlit environment

2. Drink  Suntea

I like to call this, solar infused tea. There are different ways of making it, but simply, it is just tea brewed in the sun. I like to start with warm water in a glass container, and simply add tea and let sit in the sun for as long as necessary. Six or more hours works good for me. The tea will be noticeably lighter and blander than with hot or boiling water. (Sidenote: I never boil water for tea, I turn off the stove before that point.) I don’t think the taste factor affects the nutritional value of the tea, and in fact, would venture that sun tea has more nutrients and overall healing benefits than regular tea.

3. Practice Sungazing

It is now known that humans can conduct photosynthesis via the melanin in our cells, which absorbs solar energy in the same way plants use chlorophyll. Yes, strange as it may seem, we can live completely on light energy, without eating, if we choose. This is something ancient peoples knew, but the information may have been kept secret among the priests and rulers. We are currently being brought back into this knowledge, as we evolve into spirit or light beings, which is our true nature.

There are numerous ways to go about sungazing, but what works for me is simply to stare directly into the sun, briefly, at varying times of the day, although sunrise and sunset are the general recommended times. I have done this at noon however, and at other times with no negative effects whatsoever. Some believe that sunglasses are the worst invention, as they block the sun’s most potent healing rays! Again, use your common sense and intuition. When the sun is at its brightest, a brief stare is best, and also very effective. Contrary to other opinions, I don’t believe one has to spend a long time glaring at the sun, as its energy is sufficient to affect you instantly. (I wrote another article about this previously.)

Whatever you do to incorporate more sunlight into your being will benefit you tremendously. It will activate and stimulate your pineal gland, even help to decalcify it (a distressed yet ‘normal’ state common to many people at this time) and connect you to higher frequencies and energies which can enhance your life and take you closer to enlightenment, the pinnacle of this human experience. One Love.

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