Cord Cutting is a powerful ceremony that only needs one person -you! What does it do? It releases you of the psychic ties that connect you to everyone you have had unproductive or negative relationships with. This not only includes family and friends, but also co-workers and business partners.

Most people cannot see the invisible ties that bind. But they are there in the astral plane. Most of us are aware however, of people who suck our energy (energy vampires), because when we’re around them, or after we finishing talking with them or leave their presence, we feel drained, lifeless and even weak. This is because they are attached to us, and are sucking our energy through the psychic cord very much like one sips liquid through a straw.

Most energy vampires are not bad people, they are often those we love. It’s unfortunate though that they are only able to survive by using the energy of others, as they are disconnected from their own energy source. They are often depressed, needy, and negative, and may come to you under the guise of “I need your help,” when in reality, they need your energy! By giving them your time and energy, you are giving more of yourself than you may think. These folks have to learn to go within and find their internal connection to the Universal Source, but as long as they can get what they need from others, they are unlikely to do so. Cord cutting doesn’t necessarily cut these folks out of your life (unless you want to) but changes the nature of the relationship, and can be just as helpful for them as for you.

We talk more about this on our radio show. I performed this ceremony for the first time last year and immediately felt a surge of unexpected energy. I say unexpected because usually this ceremony leaves you feeling tired and with a need to rest and recharge. But I experienced the exact opposite. And the kicker is, the person that I cut the cord from (I only chose one this time) became sick with the flu and was out of commission for a few days. I was floored by this and it made me understand just how powerful this ceremony is. So we will share how to perform this ceremony on our radio show. One Love.

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