New Testimonial

This has been reprinted verbatim although the names have been altered for anonymity. Check out more testimonials here, although we still have to update the page with recent ones. As you know, testimonials strengthen others’ faith and belief systems and this is the reason why we choose to print them. Thank you SO much for taking the time to send them on! Wishing you love,... Read More

New Testimonial


We are honored and appreciative when people take the time to send in testimonials, no matter how brief. This one refers to our weekly healing prayer radio program and a child who is on our prayer list due to difficulties. I humbly request ____ (name omitted for privacy) continue to be on your healing list. We also have great news……he has slept through the night for three nights... Read More

Recent Testimonials


Note: Names have been abbreviated for anonymity. Received 9-21-12 Dear healer, Thank you very much for sending healing to GB in Canada. He is still in ICU but his condition is stable now. I believe the prayers and healings you’ve sent has saved his life. It is amazing how total strangers come forth instantly to heal & pray for the weak. This selfless act of service you... Read More