Friday Inspiration- The Healing Power of Prayer


By Heather McCauley Praying is not just an action reserved for pious church-goers. Although Christians, Buddhists, Jews and religious leaders of all cultures may practice regulated and structured prayers, there is no one correct way to pray. There is no correct language or tone to pray in. There is no correct time of day or night and there are no rules or limitations on the audience... Read More

We Are All Connected – Food for Thought


By Heather McCauley I sometimes think of life as a mirror, showing us things in others that we are unable or unwilling to see in ourselves. If we make judgments and critical observations about others, we are destined to make similar future connections. Does it ever seem that the same type of people keep showing up in your life even though you go to great lengths to avoid... Read More

The Medicinal Wonders of Garlic


By Heather McCauley Garlic, or allium sativum, is an herb with edible bulbs which is related to the onion. Although both garlic and onions can be considered healthy when incorporated into one’s diet, garlic seriously outshines its cousin in the medicinal category. Used as early as 5000 years ago in India and 3000 years ago in China, garlic is the original folk remedy for numerous... Read More

Spices – The Powerhouses of Health


By Heather McCauley By now, most of us are aware of the healing properties of certain herbs. Herbs like rosemary help asthma and can reduce the risk of heart attacks while oregano is known to have a high number of antioxidants. Just this week, we even spotlighted garlic as a superstar herb with a multitude of healing properties. While the benefits of herbs may be easily understood... Read More

Heavy Metal Toxicity


By Heather McCauley Our bodies require a multitude of beneficial metals (trace elements) to function optimally. However, there are a number of heavy metals which pose numerous health concerns to our bodies when we are exposed to them. A heavy metal is defined as being at least five times denser than water and toxicity occurs when our bodies are unable to metabolize the metals... Read More

A Spiritual Model for Global Peace


By Heather McCauley It is the year 2010 and, like most fads of yesteryear, peace is once again in style. Revived from the 60’s era of Woodstock and free love, peace has made a comeback in a big way. I type these words with tongue in cheek – knowing that, at least for my generation, peace is more than a symbol on a t-shirt. Although I am a child of the 70’s, I know that... Read More

Making Guilt-Free Decisions


By Heather McCauley I have heard it said before that guilt is a useless emotion. In my opinion, it is far more damaging than merely useless. Guilt has the ability to replicate other negative emotions like doubt, anger, loathing, rage, hate and fear – the outcome of which is no less than devastating to an individual. The downward spiral produces a cesspool of ilk and leaves us... Read More

What’s in Your Skin?


By Heather McCauley A growing number of people are making their health a top priority for themselves and their families. We are all putting conscious thought into the foods we eat, the supplements and medications we ingest and our level of physical activity. We are even paying attention to the source of our food and asking ourselves if it is the best choice for our environment.... Read More

Take Action Toward Your Dreams


By Heather McCauley As spiritual beings, we are aware of the Universal Laws and Principles that are at work in our daily lives and we have done them proud, so to speak. We have intentions of love, we have a clear vision of our goals, and we practice meditation, visualization and mantras. What we may wonder is why, after all our efforts, have our dreams not come true? Where is the... Read More