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Greetings Friend! Welcome to Universal Temple of Healing.

We are a unique healing temple that is here to serve, educate and uplift the world community. We know you are a unique individual and we want to best meet your needs.

You are welcome to call us at (404) 549-4151 or write us @ with any questions, or if you desire a free consult.

Wishing you Love, Light & Harmony!

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Your body is a Temple , connected to the Universe.

As the Universe is unlimited, true healing is not limited by time or space.

Learn simple & ancient secrets of  keeping your temple healthy & balanced.

We Believe


  We believe healing deals with your personal relationship with the Universal Creator.
We welcome you to transform your mind, to believe in the impossible and to understand that miracles do happen, everyday!

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It is Truly a Miraculous Time!

              Many understand the meaning of impending cosmic and planetary changes and are ready to begin the process of rebuilding and expanding our ways of community, service and healing.

        In the dawn of these glorious new times, it is important all people understand the nature of true healing.  Upcoming times will dictate we play an active role in our own mental, emotional and physical healing. Understanding healing is self-empowering. This information is not new, in fact, it is as ancient as man.  We honor all who are ready to usher in the new era with Love, Light and Harmony.


About Us

        Universal Temple of Healing is a healing ministry dedicated to healing, education and uplifting. Although it espouses values based on the teachings of a great healer, Jesus The Christ, it is not affiliated with any particular religious denomination. 

        Founded in 1999 by Dr. Suni Rose and Siona, we perform healing sessions and teach people to heal themselves and others through Nutritional Consultations, Seichim & Reiki Healing Courses, sharing information, and healing treatments . In this process, the world community is empowered, one person at a time.  If 'each one will reach one' in turn, the magic of these sparks can help create the 'heaven on earth' that is not only possible, but the true birthright of mankind.  

        We work with people from many parts of the world in-person and through Distance Healing methods. Our mission is to provide healing to all who seek it.  Whatever your situation, it can be improved. We will sincerely do our best to assist.



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Nutritional Counseling / Energy Healing / Distance Healing / Hypnotherapy

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Learn to heal yourself, change your life and discover your calling through comprehensive, affordable, online and home-study courses in Seichim & Reiki.

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