What is an Art Meditation?

Led by Dr. Suni Rose, author of Radical Goal Setting, with assistance from Fine Art Parties, we set the tone for healing, and you silently paint a mandala-type image or symbol on a canvas during this time. This is a time to quietly contemplate, create, and release.

You will be guided through a healing meditation and creative release as you paint an ancient sacred symbol on a 12×12 edge-wrapped canvas made in America.

Don’t miss your chance to release & relax in a magical meditative environment!

Each image and paint color combination creates a unique harmonious energy pattern.

You can paint your choice of images or mandalas. Popular favorites are the Yin/Yang symbol or the Om symbol. Each symbol has its own particular healing vibration, and so symbols may be chosen for their unique properties.

Yin Yang (example) Yin Yang (example) Ohm Symbol (example) Om Symbol (example)

Psychologically, there is a connection between the brain and the hands. We will encourage you to leave your conscious mind behind and connect with the subconscious mind for deep and permanent healing.

Afterword, your painting is imbued with healing energy via a powerful prayer so that when you go home, every time you look at it, it will produce profound healing effects, according to your level of belief.

You will create a permanent heirloom and healing mandala painting that you can use for yourself or give to another. This artwork imagery is good for healing emotional issues, physical ailments, and releasing creative blocks.

Don’t miss your chance to release & relax in a magical meditative environment!

Extra Bonus!
Your painting will be charged and empowered to serve as a mandala for positive energy and good luck.
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Teens and Groups welcome


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